What is Content Marketing and how to create Contents?


Content is the piece of information about your product or service, the idea, or the experience you publish online or in the traditional method for your audience. It is anything that you produce and publish for the purpose of offering it to your audience. The format of the content is most commonly text, but it can also be visual, audio, or video. 

When it comes to content marketing, the “spray and pray” approach just doesn’t work nowadays. In complex industries such as insurance, buying decisions are long and hard and for this reason, you need quality content for your business to influence effectively to your customers.

Content marketing is a type of marketing focused on innovation and distribution of online materials that directly or indirectly boost brand awareness.

Loads of different content marketing strategies are existing today.

At the beginning of the content marketing world, the situation was not the same. Marketers had few options,  They primarily only had signs, magazines, and newspaper ads. Even in those days, nevertheless, they had a diversity of custom choices. Sometimes they play with the sentence in their advertisements, the picture they showed, the placement, etc. Despite the few methods of content marketing the options were still available. 

In today’s world, we have more content marketing methods and mediums available for our product and service marketing. No matter what type of marketing strategy you use, content marketing should be part of your process, Quality content is part of all forms of marketing either you use traditional methods or modern mediums. 

Is Content Marketing is required in your business?

In one word I will say “YES”, despite many debates I always suggest quality contents are necessary for all marketers or business owners. Because content marketing is not only about writing limited content or articles but also it has many types at present, for example, here I highlight a mixture of modern and traditional content marketing mediums.

  1. Blogs
  2. Videos
  3. Infographics
  4. Case Studies
  5. eBooks
  6. White papers
  7. Checklists
  8. Interview
  9. Newspaper Ads
  10. PPC campaigns
  11. TV ads
  12. Social Media Posts
  13. Emails
  14. Webinars 

and much more. Even the people who just loudly shout in a public gather with attractive content most of the time they influence our purchase decision or sometimes they easily create brand awareness in our subconscious. 

Strategy for Content Marketing

“Remember Quality Contents Influence Purchase decision”

One thing all marketers should keep in mind that whatever is your product or service you should clearly define your audience and before you start writing your content you must research your audience. The research process should be based on these strategies.

What do they want? Needs

Where they are located? Location

What are their priorities? affordability

What is your Niche?

Who are your competitors?

After defining your audience you can create attractive, informative, and unique contents about your brand. The whole process of content marketing especially for Internet-based content marketing needs more attention because of keywords strategies. plagiarism issues and search engine requirements as well as the online reputation of the brand.

Goals of Content Marketing

Content marketing helps you with progression in the business. That is a sort of the ultimate goal you will have but it is too unclear. With such a purpose, you will have a hard time conducting and analyzing the strategy. To make this content marketing strategy a success you need to determine more concrete goals.

Some of those goals can be, Increase sales, generate more leads, Get more social media followers, Improve the reputation of brand, awareness, Get more visits, etc.

 When you set your goal, try to add some kind of quantifier to make your content measurable. This process will definitely improve your business.

Summarise the strategy for Content Marketing

After defining your audience and niche and setting the goal, you need to choose the topic for your contents and these contents must be relevant to your product or service your offer. Your contents must be unique and not copied and pasted from others especially from competitors. Your content should increase engagements about your business in your defined audience. You can use an indirect approach to create more incitement about your brand, for example, if you sell leather shoes you can write an article or can make a video about the importance and advantages of leather shoes without naming your brand in contents instead you can link your site/store on the word shoes or you can add little information about your product at the end of your content medium.

In this regard I will suggest, you can write about your business according to SEO keywords of your business, for instance, if you sell shoes online or in-store and you want publishing contents on above-mentioned platforms instead of using a product or business name you can use your business SEO keywords in your contents i.e. “best leather shoes in town” instead of your brand name which will not only great for search engines but also more interesting for your audience.

At last, I would like to also inform you about online content marketing that this should be search engine optimized otherwise it will not work as per your expectation especially if your core business is on the internet.  

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